Foundation Problems In Columbia, Missouri

Columbia Foundation Problems due to local soil conditionsOur particular foundation problems in and near Columbia, Missouri are due to the types of soils we have. While the glaciers long ago brought us mineral wealth and our flat prairie land, they also left sizeable clay deposits. It is the clay that is one source of our problems, as this can expand and contract - causing extreme stress on any building foundation or basements.

Another interesting scenario is the coal that has been mined (or not) below the surface. You can see many of the old mining pits that several housing developments have built close to and on top of. While these used to be on the city limits, expansion has taken over many of these areas, especially as Nature has tended to reclaim their rocky surfaces with new growth over the years.

Finally, formerly undisturbed land that had been near creeks and run-off areas has been developed extensively as the housing demand continued to grow. While early settlers could afford to pitch their cabin on high, well-drained soil, our newer houses have been placed near or right on top of natural drainage lines. And even though our new technologies and various means of dealing with run-off have improved on historical problem areas, these moisture-enabled areas can and do affect the security of our home foundations.

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